Bring your own — be yourself


Our idea with Ladan i Lickers is to offer a unique venue that has several functions for, creators of music or film, writers, production teams or other smaller groups who for a limited time want to change environment and be inspired by the proximity to the sea, nature – and silence.

The same applies to those who want to enjoy a holiday with the family or spending time with good friends, workshops, conferences or management group meetings - all in the small format.

Faciliteter – teknik

There is a fully equipped kitchen, sauna, washing machine and dryer. The large room has largely full ceiling height and is acoustically calculated by Audio Data Lab, which is behind the construction of several of the country's music studios, control rooms and concert halls. The sound system is adapted and measured for the room and both sound and light in the room are controlled via a "Control4" system. All rooms incl. sauna, bathroom and bedroom have patches for sound and can be linked with a central box in the wall of the main room. Of course there is high speed Wifi, TV, conference equipment etc.


In the attic there are two bedrooms that can accommodate a total of four. There are plenty of additional accommodation options in the immediate vicinity, partly in cottages at the campsite and partly at ‘’Stenkyrka Mejeri’’ or the Hostel in Stenkyrka.


Vår idé är att kunna erbjuda fullservice under er vistelse här. Vår idé om fullservice är att allt det ni önskar skall finnas i kylar, frysar och skafferier när ni kommer. Blommor på bordet, frukt i fruktfatet och bastuöl på kylning, allt efter överenskommelse. Vi kan även erbjuda RIB-turer. Kontakta oss så berättar vi mer.